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Learn from failure

David Southwell, an independent tire consultant and failure analyst from Australia, considers how to maximize component adhesion while minimizing cost and scrap, and enhancing productivity

It’s a smart idea

Nikhil Kaitwade, research manager for automotive and transportation at Future Market Insights, discusses how to best market the benefits of low rolling resistance tires to consumers

An outside job

Jacob Peled, executive chairman, Pelmar Engineering, explains why he believes rubber compounds are to become an outsourced product and assesses the impact on plant planning

Nature’s proving ground

David Southwell, an independent tire consultant and failure analyst, considers the conditions under which truck tires operate in Australia, a large, hot country that relies heavily on road transport

Paradigm shift

According to Burak İlgün, manager of business development and PCR tires, at Kordsa Global, hybrid reinforcement cord can help emerging global tire makers to meet the demands for production of high value added tires

Modernizing tire handling

Don Heelis, mechanical engineer and senior systems sales manager at Cimcorp, offers advice on how to efficiently and effectively integrate automation into a factory

Ahead of the game

Marc Flederus, owner at Ferm RFID Solutions and speaker at the Tire Technology Expo Conference in 2017, reveals new opportunities for the use of RFID technology in tires

What’s that noise?

Jacob Peled, executive chairman at Pelmar Engineering, has concerns about the pass-by noise levels of Eastern-produced tires

Advances in noise test instrumentation

Bay Systems owner Alan Bennetts believes that the use of tire cavity microphones in future laboratory testing could help researchers to capture the complete envelope of possible use

Smart thinking

WheelRight’s chief executive, John Catling, discusses the growing need for automated tire pressure monitoring and presents his vision for the ‘intelligent’ highway

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