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The new black

What should tire companies look for when investing in tire pyrolysis? Martin von Wolfersdorff, principal advisor, Wolfersdorff Consulting, offers his advice

Gregory Smith

A sense of purpose

Gregory Smith believes that multi-axis accelerometers mounted to the tire’s innerliner during rig testing could provide new and more accurate information, enabling comparisons between tires to be made more thoroughly

Miles ahead

Jaap Leendertse, manager for PCR and SUV tires at Sumitomo Rubber Europe, discusses the key elements of the company’s Smart Tyre Concept introduced at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show in Japan

The challenges of developing EV tires

Martin Winter, head development engineer at the Hankook European Technical Center, discusses how the growing market of electric vehicles has affected the tire development landscape

What is the role of government?

Independent tire consultant and failure analyst David Southwell debates whose responsibility it to is monitor tire safety

Worn over time

Walter assesses how to accurately predict tire wear – and concludes that a simpler, universally recognized technique is needed to replace current lab test machines

Gregory Smith

Making waves

Resident columnist Gregory Smith looks toward the future of driverless and autonomous cars and their effect on tire development

Flavio Farroni, researcher at the University of Naples

Modular simulation

Flavio Farroni, researcher at the University of Naples, discusses recent breakthroughs at the university spin-off company MegaRide, which is focused on applied vehicle research and works closely with the vehicle dynamics group at the Italian university. 

Growth potential

Amey Amanaji, automotive and transportation research expert at Markets & Markets, foresees global growth in the OE segment due to an increase in vehicle parc

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