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Gregory Smith

Making waves

Resident columnist Gregory Smith looks toward the future of driverless and autonomous cars and their effect on tire development

Flavio Farroni, researcher at the University of Naples

Modular simulation

Flavio Farroni, researcher at the University of Naples, discusses recent breakthroughs at the university spin-off company MegaRide, which is focused on applied vehicle research and works closely with the vehicle dynamics group at the Italian university. 

Growth potential

Amey Amanaji, automotive and transportation research expert at Markets & Markets, foresees global growth in the OE segment due to an increase in vehicle parc

Joe Walter

Simple plans

Walter believes a cordless injection-molded tire could be commercially viable with new materials

Gregory Smith

Cutting corners

Smith considers how to semi-populate a tire model with a reduced data set – and how useful the results would be

The right combination

Terry Gettys, executive VP of R&D at Michelin, eyes a sustainable future, underlining the group’s aim to recycle 100% of scrap tires into new products

Gregory Smith

A new approach

Smith considers how viable – and how useful – it is to fully test a single tire

Joe Walter

Clever concepts

TTI’s resident columnist Joe Walter considers the application of symmetry and asymmetry in tire design

Learn from failure

David Southwell, an independent tire consultant and failure analyst from Australia, considers how to maximize component adhesion while minimizing cost and scrap, and enhancing productivity

It’s a smart idea

Nikhil Kaitwade, research manager for automotive and transportation at Future Market Insights, discusses how to best market the benefits of low rolling resistance tires to consumers

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