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Yokohama installs new ice test track

Yokohama installs new ice test track

Operations are now in full swing at Yokohama’s new indoor ice test facility, located at the company’s Tire Test Center of Hokkaido in Asahikawa City, Japan

Arctic Falls Snow Academy project

Snow Academy project

Luleå University of Technology initiates project to develop methods of measuring snow quality in order to improve preparation of test tracks

Gregory Smith

A sense of purpose

Gregory Smith believes that multi-axis accelerometers mounted to the tire’s innerliner during rig testing could provide new and more accurate information, enabling comparisons between tires to be made more thoroughly

Increase in raw material prices spurs Marangoni to up its rubber prices for retreads

Futures market

Goodyear’s chief technology officer, Chris Helsel, discusses the emerging requirements for future autonomous vehicle tires

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