SHOW LIVE: SLM demonstrates selective laser melting technology


For Lübeck-based SLM Solutions, Tire Technology Expo 2018 represents a chance to demonstrate the attributes of selective laser melting technology, and how 3D printing offers advantages over conventional manufacturing processes, including faster build times, greater efficiency, increased cost-effectiveness, greater flexibility and higher-quality materials. Expo visitors can also learn about the company’s latest addition to the SLM machine family, the SLM 800, which is capable of producing parts with a height of up to 800mm.

Increased size, however, isn’t the only evolution of the technology. “Larger is one way [the technology can evolve], but we also try to increase the quality of the parts, the surface quality, and reduce the build time,” explained SLM Solutions application engineer Niels Bendig.

SLM has one other reason for choosing to exhibit at Tire Technology Expo 2018: “We are also here to show that the technology exists,” said Bendig. “There are a lot of people who don’t know about it, and who don’t know just what is possible.”

21 February 2018


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