Avon provides rubber for Rodin

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Avon Tyres has signed a deal with Rodin Cars to supply high-performance slick tires for its FZED single-seater race car.

The car will be fitted with Avon radial slick tires, measuring 270/660R13 at the front and 350/660R13 at the rear.

Rodin has worked with Avon ever since it announced the FZED in 2016, which has undergone extensive development at Rodin’s 550-hectare headquarters North Canterbury, New Zealand.

David Dicker, founder of Rodin Cars, said, “Tires connect the car to the track. In many ways they are the single most important component. There is nothing you can change on an existing car that will improve its performance more than changing the tire, so the choice of tires is critical. That’s why we choose Avon Tyres.”

Michiel Kramer, sales and marketing director of Avon Tyres, said, “At Avon Tyres, we are passionate about performance. Rodin Cars has developed a truly special machine in the FZED single-seater, so we are naturally excited to see our tires fitted to the car. We have enjoyed the journey so far and look forward to hearing what the first customers have to say after they get behind the wheel.”

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