Smithers upgrades low temperature testing

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Smithers has upgraded its low temperature retraction instrumentation and capabilities at its rubber physical testing laboratory.

The instrument at its facility in Akron, Ohio, improves temperature control for low temperature retraction. Smithers says it increases efficiency, offering customers better turnaround times.

Christine Domer, Smithers’ general manager of Akron Labs, said, “This investment was prioritized because it will enable high precision and faster turnaround times for our customers, so they can get their products to market sooner.”

Low temperature retraction testing is used for products including seals, o-rings, gaskets and various aerospace products. The tests determine the temperature at which a product loses its shape to such a degree that performance is compromised.

Jeff Marek, physical testing lab supervisor at Smithers, said, “We can use this instrument to determine a product’s service range beyond industry specifications. This gives us the flexibility to design custom tests in addition to standardized protocols, so our customers can predict how their product will perform in the field at any temperature.”

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