Marangoni and Directa Plus to develop graphene-based material for tires

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Marangoni has teamed-up with Directa Plus, a manufacturer and supplier of graphene-based products, to develop a bespoke version of Directa’s Graphene Plus (G+) to improve the performance of Marangoni’s compounds used in truck and bus tire retreads.

Directa’s Graphene Plus products are natural, chemical-free, and sustainably produced. According to the company, by incorporating these unique graphene blends into tires, OEMs can enhance the performance of their products without the detriment of increased costs. The application of G+ is expected to improve the performance of retreaded tires by increasing grip, durability and fuel efficiency.

Dino Maggioni, CEO of Marangoni, commented, “The collaboration with Directa Plus will enable us to take a quantum leap in the performance of our retreading solutions by perfecting the use of graphene. After a comprehensive exploration of all existing technology providers, we felt our plans were perfectly aligned with Directa Plus.

“We strongly believe that in joining forces we will be able to shorten the time to market of our products, on our quest to provide products with high durability and rolling resistance as well as outreach our environmental sustainability roadmap.”

Meanwhile Directa Plus CEO Giulio Cesareo said, “Marangoni’s approach to tire retreading is fully aligned with our core principle of using technology to promote environmental sustainability. This is why we are excited to demonstrate how the positive benefits of G+ can further improve Marangoni’s truck tire retreading compounds.

“Our team already has experience of successfully tailoring and developing bespoke G+ to enhance commercially available tires. We look forward to working with Marangoni to put our latest ideas to market, helping to reduce the environmental impact of tire disposal around the world.”

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