Dunlop develops advanced concept tire for hand-built Krugger motorcycle

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Dunlop has developed a bespoke tire for the new hand-built motorcycle from Krugger Motorcycles, which was designed in partnership with Triumph Benelux.

Dunlop was commissioned to build a tire that reflected the distinctive style of the modified Triumph. Based on the tire maker’s proven Alpha-13 construction that is used in its motorsport tires, the bespoke tire showcases some of Dunlop’s key ideas and concepts in future tire technology.

The Dunlop Alpha-13 Krugger features a laser-carved tread pattern and uses Dunlop’s MultiTread compound. The distinctive matt effect tread is designed to offer a quicker warm-up, ideal for the short, quick rides that owners of custom-style bikes typically enjoy.

As these type of bikes tend to be used in drag-race style demonstrations, the textured pattern will aid traction from a cold start. The textured pattern highlights the center tread area where the compound has been developed to maximize traction under hard acceleration.

Fred Krugger said, “The Dunlop designers at the Luxembourg Innovation Centre invited me to explain what I needed from the tire, both to enhance the performance and reflect the style and image of the Bobber.

“It was a privilege to be able to see the tire designers at work and influence the design so it is truly and integrated part of the look of the motorcycle.”

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