ETRMA reacts to Emissions Analytics’ TRWP test

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The European Tire and Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA) has welcomed efforts and information from Emissions Analytics to help fill gaps in its knowledge regarding tire and road wear particles (TWRP).

TRWP is estimated to contain 50% tire tread material and 50% road pavement material and is linked to the crucial role that tires play in terms of being a sustainable source of mobility while still providing road safety and efficiency.

ETRMA say that its members are fully engaged in building scientific knowledge regarding the transportation of particles, while finding practical solutions to reduce the impact that they have on society. Emissions Analytics carried out a driving test using a vehicle that was fully laden and on very poor-quality tires. High speeds and excessive cornering were incorporated, underscoring the unrealistic conditions of the test and the results gathered from extreme driving behavior.

Many factors influence particle generation from tire and road wear including tread abrasion rates, tire design, road topology or surface, traffic and weather. The test results clearly showed a correlation between an aggressive driving style while carrying a load that is not representative of normal vehicle operations. Effective solutions therefore need to consider all external factors when considering TWRP.

In July 2018, the ETRMA launched the TWRP platform, which aims to build scientific knowledge alongside investigating possible mitigation options for the generation and transportation of TWRP into the environment.

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