Pirelli to debut new Cinturato P7 road car tire

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Tire manufacturer Pirelli is set to debut its new model the Cinturato P7, which will launch with 60 homologations to its name.

The new tire is said to be suitable for everyday road users with safety and efficiency at the forefront of its design. Through extensive research and development, engineers have been able to overcome many traditional tire compromises including an improvement in wet weather handling and performance, aquaplaning situations and a lower overall rolling resistance.

With the same dry weather performance as its predecessor, tire acoustics have been improved to reduce road noise, and ride comfort is made better with the new model being able to absorb more bumps from the road. Overall tire life is increased by 6% from previous versions, while fuel efficiency is increased by 4% thanks to a 12% decrease in the tires rolling resistance; which in turn reduces CO2 emissions.

Other improvements include a run-flat and seal inside feature, enabling motorists to continue after a puncture. Furthermore, a specialist version of the tire called the Elect will be made available for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Alongside this, the Cinturato P7 will be used as part of Pirelli’s cyber research operations after the brand became the first to connect a tire to the upcoming 5G network. The 5G telecommunications network teamed with intelligent tires will be an important communication tool for transportation and autonomous driving systems of the future.

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