Tire Technology Expo Conference Q&A: Dr Reza Limoochi, Iran Tire Co.

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Dr Reza Limoochi, head of tire improvement technology at Iran Tire Co. reveals more on the company’s study into rubber elasticity, specifically hydro dynamic lubrication, and its effect on dynamic strain for better wet skid resistance

Please tell us about the study.
We are extending our R&D activities in the area of green tires, looking at new materials. In order to reach our targets we have specifically expanded our research into SSBR, TDAE and IR tread blends containing high silica for better grip traction and decreased rolling resistance. This will be particularly applicable in winter and all-season tires.

What new lubricants did you consider and why?
In the experiment we used a wide range of co-agent polar and non-polar coupling agents, such as silane, to decrease the bonding agents for good mixing and performance properties of silica-elastomers. In this condition, control of temperature during the mixing process is very important.

What were your findings?
We discovered that with a semi-polar lubricant we can achieve good blending and performance properties without the routine sensitivity of silica-silane being applied and with this lubricant we are making a bridge surfactant between polar silica and non-polar elastomers with good mixing properties.

This lubricant is a non-hazardous phenolic and also can act as a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-fatigue component in rubber elastomers. In the future we could use it in bio-polymers and smart rubbers for application in next-generation products.

Dr Reza Limoochi will be presenting the company’s latest findings of this study in the 2019 Tire Technology Conference. Go to Tire Technology Expo for updates on the program. 

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