A solid partnership

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According to Korean tire maker Hankook, its long-standing partnership with supplier Nynas has been instrumental in its mission to provide value-added products globally.

The collaboration between Hankook and Nynas dates back to the opening of Hankook’s Rácalmás plant in 2007.

“Shortly after starting operations in Hungary, the purchasing department decided to extend the company’s supplier list with the best available local suppliers,” explains Éva Halász, manager of purchasing at Hankook Tire in Hungary. “We needed new manufacturers with high-quality standards, advanced technology, increased environmental awareness and a similar vision, combined with a professional commitment to creating value.”

In 2007 and 2008, Hankook upgraded its tire compounds to prepare for future environmental restrictions.

“At that time, Nynas introduced a new process oil to our company, which was successfully implemented into our products,” notes Halász.

Other occasions when Nynas played an important role as a partner, providing service and value-added products, include the introduction of the new European labeling system in 2012 and the launch of Hankook’s self-sealing Sealguard tires in 2015.

“Our engineers developed a new product, so new applications and new materials were needed to reach the targeted performance that was requested by our car manufacturing partner in Germany. So, from 2014, there was close collaboration between Hankook and Nynas to find specific oils to meet our needs.”

At the moment, Nynas supplies two different process oils to Hankook, either as an exclusive or a main supplier.

“These products provide a perfect interaction of the raw materials in the rubber compound and thus contribute to the well-balanced performance of our tires combined with fuel efficiency,” says Halász. “Besides the quality of the oils, Nynas also provides us with excellent service. Our colleagues cooperate on an advanced level in the operational offices.”

Looking back at a 10-year partnership with Nynas, Halász observes that this relationship was and remains beneficial for both companies. And with Hankook’s ambitious plans for the future, a lot remains to be achieved.

“Hankook Tire’s Rácalmás plant has decided to reposition itself in the market by shifting production toward high-performance and ultra-high-performance tires for premium car makers in Europe,” says Halász. “The Hankook Ventus Prime³ UHP was the winner of the Auto Bild 2018 Summer Tyre Competition, which made us all very proud. So we have paved the way ahead, we have the resolution, and we hope that Nynas will join us on this road.”

A solid partnership

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