Increased durability for mining tires

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Bridgestone has recently announced the introduction of its MasterCore off-the-road tire line, initially covering 63in tires and with additional patterns and sizes available to customers in 2021.

“After many years of global product development that produced advances in engineering, chemistry and material science, we are excited to introduce the MasterCore brand to mining customers all over the world,” said Tomohiro Kusano, vice president and senior officer, global mining, aircraft, agriculture solutions business at Bridgestone.

As tire requirements vary by customer, mine site and haul route, Bridgestone states that customization is at the heart of the design, enabling customers to tailor tires to best suit their needs, be that higher vehicle speeds, greater payloads or increased maintenance intervals. “Each mine site is unique and requires a custom tire solution that enables operators to improve efficiency,” added Kusano.

The company states that its MasterCore technology is based on a combination of construction techniques, including the use of a new type of steel cord with a surface coating to improve adhesion between the rubber and steel cord. Additionally, the cord is treated with a proprietary anti-rust coating, which the company says increases durability. Furthermore, the tire’s compound has been engineered to decrease crack propagation, and the tread pattern is optimized to reduce operating temperatures.

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