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Fairness or otherwise?

The USA has a long history of trade conflicts with other nations, but more recently the main focus has been on confrontations with Japan and China…

Indirect TPMS could be the key to intelligent tires

The electronic integration of the tire with the vehicle has made slow progress. Roger Williams wonders whether advances in indirect TPMS show that the intelligent tire could be achieved by other means

Tire material effects

The environmental, safety and health-related effects of different materials

Vehicle OEMs at the Tire Technology Conference

The Tire Technology Expo and Conference has successfully

evolved to include raw materials. Now it’s time that the vehicle

manufacturers joined in, to complete the tire technology circle

How could tire weight be reduced?

It is generally acknowledged that the automobile’s most complex, safety-critical component is the pneumatic tire – a remarkable combination of cord, rubber and steel…

Tire trends in 2014

Roger Williams assesses the tire ‘fashions’ on parade in 2014 and beyond, and wonders whether vehicle manufacturers will ever keep up with the pace of innovation in tire science and engineering

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