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The tire’s place in fuel economy

Vehicle fuel energy is consumed not only in linear motion, but also in overcoming the inertia of rotating components. These spinning components create a dynamic response, known as an ‘effective mass’, that seemingly increases the overall bulk of an accelerating vehicle. This virtual mass, added to vehicle weight as an equivalent non-rotating constituent, adversely affects the acceleration performance and fuel economy of all road cars

Effective use of FE modeling

The Young Scientist Prize winner explains why he believes that FE modeling is only worthwhile for tire makers and invites industry members to give successful examples of the commercial deployment of tire FE models outside tire companies

The final chapter

At the 2015 Tire Technology Expo, long-time TTI contributor Roger Williams received a Lifetime Achievement Award. In his final column for TTI, Roger looks back on a 55-year career that began at the age of 17 working with cross-ply tires at Dunlop

Collaboration between tire and road experts

Discussions on road surface noise generation lead Roger Williams to speculate on the possibilities for better surface modeling. Is it time to agree on an ideal surface and tune tire properties accordingly?

Damage limitation

Just as roads wear tires, tires also wear roads. Walter considers the extent of pavement surface damage from tires

Testing tires in the simulator

The extent to which simulators can be used to test tires has long been a subject of debate and is still an area of research requiring significant improvements. We speak to leading experts to ask their opinions on the matter

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