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Testing tires in the simulator

The extent to which simulators can be used to test tires has long been a subject of debate and is still an area of research requiring significant improvements. We speak to leading experts to ask their opinions on the matter

Tire trade associations

Roger Williams wonders whether tire trade associations have

become outdated. Will they take up the mantle of promoting

new, more ambitious performance standards for the future?

What do lightbulbs and tires have in common?

Roger Williams observes that once upon a time, tires and light bulbs both tended to fail at the most inconvenient times. Today, however, they follow a common path of development…

Fairness or otherwise?

The USA has a long history of trade conflicts with other nations, but more recently the main focus has been on confrontations with Japan and China…

Indirect TPMS could be the key to intelligent tires

The electronic integration of the tire with the vehicle has made slow progress. Roger Williams wonders whether advances in indirect TPMS show that the intelligent tire could be achieved by other means

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