ProovStation partners with Michelin to provide automated tire and vehicle inspection

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An automated vehicle inspection solution from ProovStation is set to be enhanced using expertise and knowledge gathered by Michelin’s own QuickScan equipment. The technology from the French tire manufacturer can check a vehicle’s tire wear automatically and with millimeter precision.

The combined technology will automatically scan the entire vehicle, and then the tire sidewall to gather its make, size and tread pattern and depth. This data will be sent to Michelin via a secured cloud and within seconds a report will be sent back that includes a tire tread depth measurement.

Having already been tested in the truck tire sector, the QuickScan has now been adapted for use on passenger cars. It works by using a road surface scanner that can be set up in under four hours, without the need to install further electrical equipment. The magnetic scanner is claimed to work in all weather conditions, for all types of vehicles and tires, and does not need to be cleaned of mud or anything similar.

With vehicle inspections taking roughly 30 minutes and an estimated 10% of that time being used to inspect tires, the partnership aims to cut the time and cost of these checks while increasing reliability.

Alongside the QuickScan technology, Michelin will contribute its own experience to the project by analyzing tire data using its proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms will then transform collected measurements into business information. Michelin will also provide data management and remote monitoring of installed systems, as well as the secure storage of data.

“After months of work, we are proud to announce this first technological and commercial partnership with such a leading company as Michelin. It confirms the viability of our strategy, focused on collaborating and pooling expertise to best serve our customers. With this shared global innovation, we can deliver unparalleled levels of quality, speed and unit cost with every inspection,” said Cédric Bernard, CEO of ProovStation.

“We are delighted about this partnership with ProovStation, which gives us the opportunity to pool our knowledge in the field of digital inspection. Leveraging complementary strengths in this way is perfectly aligned with Michelin’s open innovation approach. The new offering demonstrates our ability to use mobility data through artificial intelligence to provide our customers with innovative services,” said Anton Thomas, director of connected mobility services at Michelin.

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