Klean Industries and Kodexe to collaborate on KleanLoop tire recycling tech

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Canada-based Klean Industries (Klean) has partnered with Kodexe for the development and implementation the KleanLoop DApp Blockchain SAS, a platform which will be used to tokenize all waste and recyclables on the global marketplace. The platform will also enable the end-to-end supply management of all recycling, waste processing and Waste-to-Energy projects.

The plan is to implement the fully functioning KleanLoop blockchain technology with Klean Industries facility based in Oregon, which will recycle an estimated 160 metric tons of waste tires each day.

Upon completion, the project is expected to be the largest fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant in North America which is focused on producing high-quality Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) and Recovered Fuel Oil (rFO). Both products will then be re-integrated for reuse directly in the carbon black manufacturing supply chain with one of the world’s largest carbon black producers.

The project is stated to be the first fully circular tire recycling project in North America and is expected to set the circular standard in the rubber and tire manufacturing and carbon black manufacturing sector.

The Boardman plant will be the first tire recycling project and waste processing facility on the blockchain, as the partnership aims to create a fully transparent recycling and manufacturing marketplace. The facility will benefit from a fully integrated track and trace program for everything the site receives and produces, including scrap tire collection, recovered carbon black sales and the carbon emission offset produced by the project.

“With an increasingly regulated industry, data is the only way we can solve the global waste crisis,” said Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries. “The industry needs true and accurate data that we can rely on. It’s critically important that industry becomes more compliant and sustainable, and the KleanLoop is the system we need that provides transparency throughout the entire supply chain. We are confident that this innovation is the solution that can and will achieve that.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with Klean Industries, and we share the same values and goals so that together we can make a real difference,” added Michael Nilsson Pauli, CEO of Kodexe and technical director of KleanLoop. “Our mission has always been to challenge what is established with new innovations using the digital sector to create transformative systems change for sustainability. We believe that digital disruptions such as the KleanLoop blockchain platform offers a key technology solution for solving climate change crisis and prevents further environmental degradation in a socially responsible society.”

Under the partnership’s terms, Kodexe has become a key shareholder of Klean Industries which developed the initial concepts for the patent pending KleanLoop process.

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