SHOW LIVE: Evonik reveals results of silica/silane coupling research

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Evonik is impressing visitors with its high-performance silica/silane coupling technology. In a recent study the company examined the potential environmental impact of green tire treads containing silica/silane and S-SBR compared with treads made with carbon black and E-SBR – not only during the use phase, but throughout the entire lifecycle.

The study analysed impact categories such as global warming potential, the photochemical ozone creation potential and the primary energy demands. The functional unit was defined as the use of silica/silane and S-SBR in treads of passenger car tires over a driving distance of 150,000km. Additionally, a sensitivity analysis of gasoline consumption, fuel savings and tire lifetime was conducted.

According to the study, silica/silane technology used in green tires greatly reduces emissions and environmental impacts in the basic scenario in any analysed impact category considered relevant. Consequently, global warming potential can be reduced by 4.9% in total over the whole lifecycle; by replacing carbon black and E-SBR with silica/silane and S-SBR, emissions of up to 1.4 metric tons of CO2 equivalents per 150,000km driving distance can be avoided.

To learn more about Evonik’s silica/silane technology, visitors can head to Stand C816 at Tire Technology Expo 2017. The show is open until Thursday, 16 February.

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