Goodyear and SARTA collaborate on intelligent sensors and prototype tires

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Tire maker Goodyear and Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA) have announced a partnership that will see the pair test intelligent tire sensors and prototype tires on SARTA’s fleet of diesel and zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered (HFC) buses.

The Northeast Ohio-based companies will leverage Goodyear’s TPMS Plus on-vehicle sensors for the intelligent tires, which will send real-time data on tire condition to the tire maker’s SightLine mobility cloud where customizable algorithms will efficiently analyze the data. This will provide fleet operators with insights on tire performance and potential vehicle issues to enable proactive maintenance before a problem occurs.

The tests are being carried out on 10 SARTA HFC buses (five diesel and five HFC) that are used for daily public transit services. The tests will help Goodyear evaluate the performance of its TPMS Plus-powered by Goodyear SightLine and will also aid SARTA in reducing operational costs and vehicle downtime, while increasing environmental benefits.

Preliminary tests have already shown the potential for the TPMS system to improve fuel efficiency while reducing the chance of a bus breaking down at the roadside.

In addition to the TPMS system, Goodyear will also test a prototype tire on SARTA’s diesel and HFC buses to measure tire life, wear and rolling resistance. The subsequent data will be used to help Goodyear design electric vehicle tires in the future.

“Goodyear’s scientists and engineers continuously look for opportunities to experiment with new technology so we can stretch our thinking and advance our capabilities for the tires of tomorrow,” commented Johnny McIntosh, integrated solutions and tire management director, Goodyear. “This work with SARTA will give us valuable data on ways tires can impact the safety, sustainability and efficiency of public transportation.”

“Like our friends and neighbors at Goodyear, SARTA is committed to the development and deployment of sustainable transportation solutions,” said Kirt Conrad, CEO, SARTA. “We are pleased and proud to provide a real-world testing environment for innovative technology that will increase the MPG performance of our diesel buses and increase the already-impressive range of our HFC-powered vehicles.”

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