Latest Cinturato P7 and P Zero tires from Pirelli

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Pirelli has announced the details of two new tires, a Cinturato P7 for comfort and a P Zero for sportier models. Both tires have been designed with a focus on safety.

 For the Cinturato P7, Pirelli’s engineers focused on safety in wet conditions by ensuring the tire would provide a shorter braking distance in addition to a 6% longer service life and a lower amount of noise. The latest P7 offers a high level of performance in the dry; its wet handling characteristics in terms of aquaplaning and braking have been improved since the previous version – it now takes four fewer meters to stop from 100km/h.

Furthermore, the rolling resistance has been reduced (on average) by 12%, translating to a 4% fuel consumption saving and fewer carbon emissions. Revisions have been made to the P7’s tread pattern, which now benefits from a specific blend of silica and resins to increase grip. Furthermore, synthetic elastic materials have been chemically modified to improve interaction with the silica. With improved distribution and interaction between the silica, the compound can alter its behavior in different conditions and temperatures, widening the tire’s working window of performance.

Utilizing the company’s motorsport experience, the Pirelli P Zero has been developed for application to performance models with larger wheels that require control in the wet and the dry. The tire delivers a precise response to steering inputs, excellent handling in a range of weather conditions and reduced wet braking distances. Improvements have also been made to reduce the chance of aquaplaning – much like the P7.

With the Mercedes-Benz C-Class coming in rear-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive versions, Pirelli designed bespoke versions of the P7 and the P Zero for the vehicle. The tires were specifically developed to work with the C-Class’s systems by delivering a balance between rigidity of the structure and the tread pattern under differing loads, providing safety and performance for customers.

Certain sizes of the P Zero are available with Pirelli Noise Cancelling System (PNCS), a technology that reduces cabin noise. The P7 can be selected with a self-supporting runflat option that enables the car to drive for a further 80km at 80km/h.

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