Continental granted OEM approval for new Mercedes EQA

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The new Mercedes all-electric SUV will be fitted with Continental tires now that the tire maker has received OEM approval for its premium EcoContact 6 and WinterContact TS 850 P.

The new Mercedes EQA will come off the line on EcoContact 6 tires in sizes ranging from 18in to 20in, depending on the feature package. Mercedes is also offering a high-safety winter tire ex-factory: the WinterContact TS 850 P.

Conti has reduced the rolling resistance of the EcoContact 6 by 15% compared with the previous model. A special rubber mixture, optimized for low rolling resistance, reduces tire deformation caused by heavy loads while driving. In EVs, this can increase the range by 3-4%.

Mercedes EQA customers can also opt for matching winter tires. The WinterContact TS 850 P tread has numerous blocks and longitudinal sipes, providing improved traction and short braking distances on snow and wet road surfaces.

The WinterContact TS 850 P comes as standard with Continental runflat technology, which is available for the EcoContact 6 on an optional basis as well. In the event of tire damage, it prevents the sidewall from getting trapped between the road and the rim. Drivers can continue for up to 80km.

The EcoContact 6 will be available in 235/55 R18 104T, 235/50 R19 103T and 235/45 R20 100T. The WinterContact will be available in TS 850 P, 215/60 R18 98T.

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