Yokohama Rubber starts manufacturing high-load capacity tires

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In response to a market need for tires suitable for application to heavy-duty passenger cars, including all-electric, hybrid and sports utility vehicles, Yokohama Rubber has announced that it is now producing and selling high load capacity tires.

Developed as the original equipment (OE) for several new models of vehicle, the HLC tires have been designed to deal with higher load capacities and high-performance characteristics.

HLC tires were established as a new tire size within the passenger car tire category of the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation’s standards and feature a higher load capacity than traditional extra load (XL) tires. The HLC tires are now indicated with an HL at the beginning of the product description.

Through the use of advanced technology, Yokohama’s HLC tires deliver a low amount of noise while still providing handling stability and a high load durability. Yokohama used repeated simulations of failures caused by high loads to support the development of a specific HLC profile that ensures load durability and performance characteristics. This profile generates less heat and strain under higher loads compared to standard specification tires.

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