Yokohama Off-Highway Tires introduces Galaxy MFS 101 SDS for forklifts

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A new solid tire designed for application to forklifts called the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS has been unveiled by Yokohama Off-Highway Tires. Developed for both indoor and outdoor industrial and warehousing operations, the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS benefits from a three-stage construction to ensure minimal vibration and heat build-up, in addition to enhanced cushioning, steering ability and stability characteristics for smooth operations on a range of surface types.

For an extended service life, Yokohama has developed the Galaxy MFS 101 SDS using a harder wearing rubber, outlined by a higher tread depth and 60J values. The three-stage tire has a tread compound with excellent wear and cut-chip resistance properties to extend service life. A soft center acts as a cushion layer to minimize vibrations and enhance comfort, while the base compound layer provides maximum stability and enables an efficient load transfer to the rims of the forklift. Furthermore, anti-slip steel beads eliminate wheel slip by ensuring better fitment of the tire to the forklift’s rim.

The tread pattern has been designed with a continuous center and optimized lugs within the shoulder area to further reduce vibrations and improve driver comfort. Circumferential grooves also deliver improved steering, while the longer grooves ensure better grip levels. The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS also uses uniform internal layers for enhanced load distribution and even wear attributes.

The Galaxy MFS 101 SDS tire is available in both Quick Heel/Lip type (QH) and Standard Heel (SH) type fitments in 18 different sizes. An additional 11 sizes are currently under development and will be released in Q3 of 2023.

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