Dunlop releases Sportmax Q-Lite sports touring tire

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Designed for application to lightweight 125cc and 250cc motorbikes, the Sportmax Q-Lite combines hypersport-style performance with a high-mileage tread and improved handling characteristics.

Compared to its predecessor, the TT900 GP, the Sportmax Q-Lite delivers 60% more mileage in addition to a higher level of grip and handling. This is made possible through the tread design which delivers an optimized contact patch even under high loads.

The hypersport-inspired tread pattern features a compound which is bespoke for the Sportmax Q-Lite. The full carbon compound benefits from advanced grip resins to deliver additional grip on both wet and dry surfaces. To enhance grip levels further, Dunlop optimized the tire’s pattern, profile and casing construction. The manufacturer also developed the single radius profile of the tire to provide riders with a similar feel at all speeds and lean angles, ensuring a consistent level of confidence.

Structurally, the stiffness of the tire casing has been optimized for each individual size by changing the carcass construction and the number of breakers. Dunlop also designed groove shapes using finite element analysis simulation to optimize mileage and to reduce uneven wear.

“Dunlop Sportmax Q-Lite is a great combination of style and technology, blinking the eye to young motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for outstanding grip and protection combined with a stylish design,” commented Luca Davide Andreoni, marketing manager, Dunlop Europe.

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