Upgraded 3*-marked tires from Goodyear for loaders

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Goodyear has released a range of 3*-marked products designed to meet the requirements of heavy machinery applications – as vehicle weights have increased, so has the demand on tires to enable efficient operations.

The 3* marking has been introduced to a range of Goodyear tires aimed at loaders and signifies a stronger radial carcass with a larger bead section and stronger ply wires. This change in tire design enables vehicles to achieve 18% more capacity than vehicles fitted with 2*-marked versions, potentially improving cost-per-hour operations.

As part of the program, 18 out of 30 of Goodyear’s RT-4D/5D, RL-4K/5K and RL-3S/5S loader range will be upgraded. The new design is aimed at reducing downtime for vehicles used in extreme conditions, as well as meeting the demands of underground mining applications.

The new products will also feature the company’s Hi-Stability Technology, made up of a radial sidewall construction that provides improved stability to reduce bucket sway. This, and other design improvements, aim to extend tire life due to minimal deflection and a high resistance to impacts.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do, from the design, manufacturing and delivery of cutting-edge products to help you drive results, day in day out,” commented Octavian Velcan, managing director OTR, Goodyear EMEA. “The advanced new 3*-marked tire construction enables operators to have a higher load capability and higher inflation level which in turn allows them to operate safely while completing tough jobs.”

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