Static simulator aids development of Pirelli Powergy tire

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Following extensive research and development utilizing a range of virtual reality and digital systems, Pirelli has released details of its Powergy summer tire, aimed at vehicle applications such as crossovers, SUVs, sedans and MPVs.

Safety and sustainability were a main focus for the Powergy, and with a low, class B rolling resistance, it is claimed the tire will aid in reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Following an A rating, the tire guarantees excellent wet braking attributes alongside the minimum value for noise level.

By utilizing advanced virtual reality systems, the company optimized the tread pattern and profile to maximize the tire’s contact patch. By doing so, the contact patch is balanced and the uniform pressure results in reduced braking distances and improved controllability and driving precision. Specific compounds and polymers were also chosen to extend tire life and increase wet braking performance.

Following results and data gathered from a static simulator at the company’s R&D facility in Milan, the Powergy features longitudinal grooves intersected by oblique channels to enable water dispersion to prevent aquaplaning scenarios. Due to these R&D techniques, the development process took only 18 months to complete and used fewer physical prototypes to achieve the final product. These processes will be implemented to produce subsequent Pirelli tires.

The Powergy will be available by the end of 2021, in 55 sizes from 17-20in, featuring speed ratings from H to Y.

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