New tread from Vipal introduces special abrasion resistance tech

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In North America Vipal has launched a new tread – the VM540. Suitable for both paved and unpaved roads, the VM540 is designed for retreading of trailer and drive axle tires and is also useable in off-road and regional applications. It offers high adhesion on different types of surfaces.

The tread’s design concept, with robust shoulders and slotted grooves resistant to damage caused by twists and turns, ensures high performance under heavy load conditions and cuts resistance in stop/start operations, avoiding both lateral and central aggressions.

It also features a compound with excellent abrasion wear resistance and groove protectors in its bottom design, which provide greater resistance to aggression and ensures fewer rocks become embedded in the tread, increasing the casing resistance and service life.

The new tread’s ribbed sides also offer resistance and protection against impacts. This design feature helps the tread in shoulder flexibility and heat dissipation. Also, the tread groove structure is designed to offer moderate handling, contributing to regular wear throughout the surface’s life.

“This innovation Vipal is bringing to the North American market meets the needs of local fleet owners and carriers, who are looking for a product with these qualities both in terms of functionality and, mainly, of resistance and performance, features which are present in the tread,” explained Gabriel Fuma, Vipal’s NAFTA commercial manager.

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