Bridgestone launches studless Blizzak ICE winter touring tire

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Bridgestone has introduced to the market its new studless Blizzak ICE winter touring tire, which is said to deliver good performance on snow and ice, a comfortable ride and durability.

During the development of the tire, the company spoke with drivers across Northern Europe to understand their needs. Tire life and environmental friendliness were highlighted as being of great importance. Drivers also said grip was crucial to enable sudden braking and maintain control when driving on black ice and in slushy snow.

Engineered with an all-new tread compound that features the company’s patented Multicell technology, the Blizzak ICE has an improved stopping distance on ice. Bridgestone Multicell technology is specially formulated with hydrophilic properties that attract water and draw it away from the surface of ice to enhance grip.

The Blizzak ICE offers an 8% reduction in braking distance on ice, and an increased lifetime of 25% compared to its predecessor. This has been made possible thanks to the new compound formula and a specially designed tread pattern.

The design of the grooves on the tire’s tread helps to disperse air flow and reduce noise.

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