Future mobility concepts presented by Goodyear at Tokyo Motor Show

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Goodyear presented its new tire concepts for future mobility at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. One is designed for the Lexus LF-30 prototype, launched as a world premiere, in addition to the Goodyear Aero and the Goodyear Oxygene, which premiered in Japan. 

The concept for the Lexus LF-30 prototype, a 100% electric car, features a design developed with Goodyear’s aerodynamics technology. The fins of the tires are covered with fine velvet and are used on the tread side of the body to generate an airflow cooling EV motor. 

Meanwhile, introduced earlier this year at the Geneva International Motor Show, the Goodyear Aero is a tire concept for flying cars that works on the ground and in the air. It includes innovative features such as multimodal design (tilt-rotor concept), non-pneumatic structure, magnetic propulsion, optical sensing and artificial intelligence.

Finally, the Goodyear Oxygene has a unique structure that features living moss growing within the sidewall. “This open structure and the tire’s smart tread design absorb and circulate moisture and water from the road surface, allowing photosynthesis to occur and therefore releasing oxygen into the air,” said company officials. 

The Oxygene concept was introduced at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show and represents a way to achieve more sustainable urban mobility.

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