BKT launches a range of stubble damage-resistant tires

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Against a backdrop of hybrid crop development, BKT has been working on bias and radial tires available with aramid-belted variants, capable of offering increased resistance to punctures caused by crop stubble, and with specifications tailored to reduce the chance of cutting damage.

BKT’s Agrimax Teris is a radial tire with a different compound from that designed for tractors, offering increased toughness and suited for applications such as cropping and harvesting machines, and combine harvesters in particular.

Special protection for the sidewall and a reinforced shoulder increase the resistance and, consequently, the lifecycle of the tire, without impacting traction, stability and high load capacity. The new tire is available in a wide range of sizes, with some equipped with IF technology.

For applications suited to flotation tires, BKT is also launching the Flotation 558 and Flotation 648, bias tires with an Aramid-belted HD compound as standard to reduce the chance of punctures.

The Flotation 558 is a cross-ply tire for combine harvesters and round balers, both on and off the road. The Flotation 648 is suitable for transport in the field, as well as spreading applications. Both have a high traction properties – the tread design enables transport of very heavy loads at low pressure, reducing soil compaction and protecting crops from damage.

For agricultural equipment and trailers, BKT is launching a number of radial tires. The AW 711 is specifically designed for soil tillage applications; the RIB 713 tire has a steel-belted structure for resistance to puncturing; the SR 713 is an all-steel radial tire with VF technology and has a large footprint for reduced soil compaction; and the I-1 has been designed with a compound which is resistant to stubble damage.

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