Ultra Light Speed recyclable inner tube from Vittoria

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After more than a year of research and development, Vittoria has released its latest inner tube – the Ultra Light Speed.

Produced using thermoplastic polyurethane, the inner tube is 100% recyclable and benefits from excellent technical characteristics such as being steady from -47°C to +100°C. The material enables the inner tube to be consistently extruded in very thin thicknesses before being welded together using high-frequency technology. Furthermore, it has a high level of elasticity, which enables the Ultra Light Speed to hold constant air pressures for extended periods.

The tubes benefit from a higher level of resistance to punctures than traditional inner tubes because of multi-layer co-extrusion technology. If a puncture occurs, the flow of escaping air is slower than that of tubes produced using butyl and latex.

Vittoria’s Ultra Light Speed weighs 30g and is just 0.35mm thick, considerably less than conventional inner tubes, which are often 1mm thick.

The Ultra Light Speed inner tube is already available in a 700×25/30c size with a 60mm valve and removable Presta core.

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