Westlake OTR tires meet Marangoni retreading requirements

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Italy-based retreading company Marangoni has recognized the retreadability of the Westlake-branded off-the-road (OTR) tires. Following the recognition, the company’s OTR casings have now been placed into Marangoni’s retreading process.

The Marangoni approval was granted because the Westlake OTR tires have a strong casing design, which enables the casing to remain in an excellent condition even after thousands of hours of use, making it suitable for reuse through the retreading process.

Thanks to ZC Rubber’s improved technology, Westlake OTR tires benefit from being more environmentally friendly in terms of maximizing cost per hour and reducing end-of-life disposal costs.

ZC Rubber claims the Westlake OTR retread tires can deliver the same mileage and performance as a new tire, while only costing 70% of the price following a retread.

“With our mission to offer more sustainable products and improve the environmental footprint of mining operations, we are pleased that Westlake OTR casings have demonstrated that they can meet the grades required by leading retread companies to manufacture top-class OTR retread tires,” commented a ZC Rubber spokesperson.

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