Hankook, Amazon Web Services and Snowflake partner to establish artificial intelligence platform

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To speed up the development of an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Hankook and Hankook Tire & Technology have formed a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake, a cloud-based SaaS software which efficiently stores, processes and analyzes large volumes of data.

Through the collaboration the group aims to establish an optimized data analysis infrastructure which incorporates cloud-based solutions and platform expertise. The project seeks to create an integrated data analysis environment utilizing the very latest AI and machine learning (ML) technologies. During the project, AWS’ data lake environment and analysis infrastructure will be used, including SageMaker and AutoML. Additionally, Snowflake will act as a data warehouse for the promotion of cloud migration and digital transformation.

At present, Hankook is conducting a project to build an integrated data analysis platform in a cloud environment. The newly developed platform will provide an environment for collecting and integrating internal data, including research and development, production and quality data from Hankook Tire. It will also be capable of collecting external data such as mobility data and Voice of Customer data. The platform will enable integrated analysis of this data.

The newly built platform will be used by the tire manufacturer as a tool to enhance tire performance and quality. It will also be used to integrate and analyze data from performance tests and customer feedback on Hankook’s iON series of electric vehicle tires to enhance performance. By analyzing production data, Hankook aims to improve the efficiency of new product development while addressing quality issues.

“With the development of generative AI, AI is passing through an inflection point: there is a need for a platform that can collect and freely use internal and external data to apply it to businesses,” said Seong-jin Kim, chief digital officer and chief information officer, Hankook. “By utilizing the excellent technology and solutions of Amazon Web Services and Snowflake, we will maximize our AI capabilities and accelerate our journey to enhance product competitiveness in areas such as electric vehicle and smart tires.”

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