Goodyear tests its intelligent tires with mobile office provider

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Goodyear has joined up with mobile office company Priva to provide tire monitoring capabilities that will enable fleets to operate more efficiently.

The US tire maker has equipped Priva’s fleet of vehicles with intelligent tires, which contain sensors to capture real-time tire data, including speed, temperature and tire pressure. Goodyear said the information gathered helps Priva to predict upcoming tire maintenance needs, reducing vehicle downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

“Fleets are looking to operate their vehicles as safely and efficiently as possible to meet the needs of their customers,” said Erin Spring, Goodyear director of New Ventures. “Digital tire information helps enable this goal by providing proactive information, integrated with their service scheduling needs. Goodyear is pleased to work with innovative partners like Priva, which is focused on the future of transportation, today.”

Ryan Gee, Priva’s founder and chief executive officer, said, “Predictive maintenance technologies are essential for the safety and reliability of future mobility systems. These technologies underpin commercial aviation and now must migrate into automotive applications. Goodyear’s intelligent tire system is an excellent example of how technology will make mobility safer for everyone, and the team at Priva is excited to collaborate with Goodyear on this endeavor.”

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