Vredestein introduces two large sizes to Flotation Trac tire series

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Vredestein Flotation Trac range of tires are now available in additional sizes – in 900/65 R32 and 900/65 R38. The Agricultural manufacturer noted that the latter has a diameter of 2.15m – which it claims to be the tallest radial flotation tire in the world.

With this taller diameter, the 900/65 R38 provides 22% better rolling ability and has the capacity to keep rolling in difficult conditions – favorable for both traction power and fuel consumption. The 900/65 R32 has an almost equally low pressure but a height of 2.0m.

The new tire sizes for self-propelled and trailed slurry tankers are an alternative to the 1050 tires. The Flotation Trac XL is narrower, which leads to fewer restrictions in the total vehicle width. Since a lower tire pressure can be used, there is less soil compaction and rutting compared to the 1050/50 R32 size.

The Flotation Trac profile consists of transverse lugs toward the shoulder of the tread that enhance traction and rolling ability. The block profile in the middle ensures a low rolling resistance on the road and a quiet ride. Due to the rounded shoulders and the lack of sharp edges and corners in the tread, the tire will not ruin glasslands.

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