Technology from Falken reduces cabin and drive-by noise

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Falken Tyre, together with its parent company SRI, has developed a patented solution called Silent Core, which reduces in-cabin noise thanks to a layer of innovative ether-polyurethane foam material that’s applied to the inside of the tire carcass. It can also reduce drive-by noise by up to 10 decibels and cabin noise by four decibels. Testing to date has shown that tire performance is not affected and Silent Core lasts for the duration of the tire’s lifetime.

The production process is now mature enough for series production and the Silent Core product is undergoing a pilot phase with a well-known automotive manufacturer, with other brands also having expressed keen interest.

“Silent Core is a very simple yet extremely effective solution to the reduction of drive-by and cabin noise created by the tyre,” said Andreas Giese, product planning manager at Falken Tyre. “We’ve received a significant amount of interest from automotive manufacturers about this new technology, which is cheaper and easier to implement than electronic technologies. Initial reports from the pilot test are positive and we’re looking forward to seeing the Silent Core technology progress.”

September 30, 2015

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