SHOW NEWS: Chem-Trend silicone-free coatings

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At Chem-Trend’s booth three new silicone-free inside tire paints are being highlighted. Doug Butcher, senior business development director for tire at Chem-Trend, commented, “These new water-based inside tire paints enable manufacturers to efficiently introduce new product innovation, such as self-sealing tires, that improve safety and mobility for their customers.”

An additional advantage for manufacturers using Chem-Trend’s non-silicone inside tire paints, is the elimination of aggressive chemicals that are typically used to remove residues of inside paint from cured tires prior to the application of sealants.

Chem-Trend’s ready-to-use, silicone-free products enable tire manufacturers to easily perform additional downstream applications, such as adding layers of puncture sealant or adhesive to affix noise-absorbing inserts or electronic sensors. Formerly, a lengthy and costly cleaning process was required to remove any silicone residue before such materials could be applied. Using the silicone-free chemistry, only a simple water wash is required to remove any remaining product from the inner-liners of cured tires before such operations. In some cases, no washing is necessary. This results in a significant cost savings that benefits the plant environment and improves production efficiency.

The company can be found at booth 4140 at Tire Technology Expo 2015.

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