Conti partners with Global NCAP in safety initiative

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The chassis and safety, and tire divisions at Continental are working as part of the Global NCAP initiative called Stop the Crash. Throughout the campaign, Global NCAP and its partners, including Continental, will be holding driving demonstrations to raise awareness of the benefits of safety technologies that are already being volume-produced and to encourage their adoption in subcompact and compact models, too. The regional focus will be on densely populated developing countries, where large numbers of vehicles are sold in these vehicle segments. In terms of tires, the importance of adequate tire pressure and tread depth will be highlighted.

“Tires are the sole point of contact between the vehicle and the road. All forces transmitted to the road are put down via a footprint no bigger than the size of a postcard. In a critical situation, it is the tire that determines whether the vehicle can stop in time – or whether it stays safely on course through a corner. This is why we want to inform as many drivers as possible, all over the world, about the safety benefits of using high-tech tires inflated to the correct pressure and with adequate tread depth,” said Nikolai Setzer, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and president of the tire division.

Meanwhile, the new Conti Hybrid and Conti Hybrid HT3 trailer tires for mega-liners are designed to help maximize the permitted total vehicle height of 4m. They feature a high load capacity, enabling an axle load of 9 metric tons, and optimal service life, combined with a lower diameter. They also enable the best use of the 3m internal load height, when used on the semi-trailers of mega-liners.

The optimized contours and balanced load distribution give the trailer tires an even wear pattern, which helps ensure long service life. Rolling resistance has been reduced by 15% and as a result, both tires have been awarded a B rating for fuel efficiency under the EU tire label system.

August 26, 2015

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