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Market research specialists Smithers has released its latest report, All-Season vs Winter Tires to 2024: A State-of-the-Art Report, which examines a variety of trends affecting OEM and replacement all-season and winter tires.

The report identified the key performance parameters tire makers are focusing on for 2019-2024 and explored the potential of the top 20 technologies to achieve next-level performance, identifying the current state-of-the-art for each, their future evolution and their potential for impact globally.

The top 20 technologies assessed in the report are:

  • 3D sipes;
  • Advanced mixing;
  • Advanced silanes;
  • Bio-based oils;
  • Carbon black – high surface area;
  • Foam inserts;
  • Hydrocarbon resins;
  • Multi-layer tread compounds;
  • Nd-polybutadiene rubber;
  • Silica – high surface area;
  • Silica – highly dispersable;
  • Silica – low surface area;
  • Silica – masterbatch;
  • SSBR-end chain functionalized rubber;
  • Terpene and terpene hydrocarbon resins;
  • Thiocarboxolate silanes;
  • Tread design;
  • Virtual compound formulation;
  • Virtual mixing;
  • Virtual tire testing.

 The full report is available here.


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