Connected technologies from Goodyear and Voyomotive to increase vehicle efficiency

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Goodyear and Voyomotive are set to pilot a number of tire monitoring solutions which seek to improve vehicle efficiency in the USA.

The proposed Goodyear-enabled service will see technology capable of capturing and analyzing live tire performance data to detect a drop in tire pressure, possibly days before the vehicle’s TPMS informs the driver. The system will also inform customers of upcoming low tire pressure conditions and situations. In turn, the pair state that the technology service will allow drivers to run tires at optimal pressures to increase tire performance, safety and vehicle efficiency.

John Brainerd, manager of Goodyear’s Akron Innovation Lab, commented, “The safe and efficient operation of consumer vehicles and fleets is important both for today and for the future of mobility. Goodyear continues to develop and expand our portfolio of digital tire information to help users realize this goal. We are excited to collaborate with innovative companies like Voyomotive to continue to deliver connected mobility solutions.”

Voyomotive’s telematics controllers will provide the live tire data, while Goodyear’s system will process the information and then pass on the relevant details to customers of the service via an app created by Voyomotive, an SMS message or a fleet management system. Currently the service is being provided to Voyomotive consumer and fleet customers.

“This is a first-of-its-kind tire application that uses Voyomotive’s advanced telematics data with Goodyear analytics to increase driving safety and fleet readiness,” explained Peter Yorke, CEO of Voyomotive.

“We are excited to work with Goodyear to offer this tire intelligence solution as it is a demonstration of our mutual commitment to bring new digital applications to the hundreds of millions of vehicles now on the road.”

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