Sumitomo Rubber Industries joins GDSO to enhance tire traceability

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Having become a member of the Global Data Service Organisation for Tyres and Automotive Components (GDSO) in January 2023, Sumitomo Rubber Industries will work on the establishment of individual tire identification and management systems to achieve data transfer beginning with truck and bus tires. The GDSO is an international organization targeting the standardization of tire data. It also seeks to define solutions for accessing and exchanging this data.

The Tire Information Service (TIS) was created by the GDSO to enable the transfer of tire-related data enabled by a unique item identifier. As an active member, Sumitomo Rubber Industries will participate in these (and other efforts) to create industry standards. The tire maker will also construct a database that enables users to access data on the tires which the company produces and sells using RFID technology.

These RFID systems can be applied to tires and used for identification and management to work towards industry traceability, improving quality control, enhancing responses to customer claims and eliminating the production of counterfeit tires. The technology could also contribute to increased operational efficiency and safety by simplifying warehouse inventory management, by making it easier to check when or where tires were manufactured, mounted on vehicles, or serviced.

In the coming months and years, Sumitomo Rubber Industries aims to use RFID technology for its extensive analysis of tire data to provide a service with a greater added value for its customers in terms of retreading, maintenance, etc.

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