Tire Technology Expo: IOM3-accredited short courses announced for 2020

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Tire Technology Expo 2020 will once again host a range of specialized courses for those looking to brush up on the latest development and manufacturing insights, including future tire regulations, computer modeling and tire mechanics. Most courses are aimed at experienced engineers looking to deepen their knowledge, but some are suitable for beginners, too.

All but one of the courses are recognized by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) and as a result, participants are issued a certificate proving that they have taken part in an approved continuing professional development seminar. Those attending the Tire Mechanics short course receive a certificate from the University of Akron.

The most expansive of the five courses currently planned is the Akron University Tire Mechanics Short Course. Now in its 49th edition, this four-day course has been running for over 30 years. The program is too specialized to fit in the university’s regular curricula, but the subject matters are in high demand.

The course from Akron University benefits both experienced engineers and beginners – the beginners can learn the fundamentals of tire technology, while experts get the chance to participate in in-depth class discussions. Those who complete this course will receive a certificate from the University of Akron.

The Future Tire Regulations Review will be delivered by Lars Netsch of TÜV Süd, who has considerable knowledge of the current tire regulations in Europe and beyond. He will look ahead to new tire labeling and type approval regulations that are to be introduced, and he will discuss the impact on tires of the EU’s chemical regulation, REACH.

No part of a modern vehicle escapes CAD modeling, so the Computer Modeling course will look at tires within a full vehicle system and models in a simulation environment. This program will be of primary interest to vehicle dynamicists, as tires can be deeply counterintuitive, but nevertheless have a fundamental impact on the dynamic performance of a vehicle.

Tire Cord structureIn the Tire Reinforcing Materials, Applications and Fatigue Testing course on Monday, experts will take a deep dive into tire function, specification and design challenges and the resultant rubber reinforcement needs in different tire application fields. There will be an overview of global reinforcement materials, load and stress types on the cord and other tire components, and much more.

Finally, the Basic Rubber Compounding Course, as its name suggests, is an entry-level course for all those working in the associated tire industry who wish to know more about the compounding of rubber. The two-day program will define the concepts in simple terms, but at the same time relate them to actual manufacturing and product circumstances.

The program for the 2020 courses is being finalized and more announcements are expected soon. You can find the full program with detailed information, rates and instructions on how to book on the Tire Technology Expo website.

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