Tire Technology Expo Day 1: Contec showcases materials to increase circularity within the tire industry

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Contec is presenting information on its molten technology and recovered carbon black (rCB) – ConBlack – at Tire Technology Expo in Hannover, Germany. The company is also speaking to exhibitors and visitors about its recovered tire pyrolysis oil – ConPyro, and its recovered steel – ConWire.

The in-rubber performance of Contec-produced rCB is very similar to several grades of virgin carbon blacks (vCB) that are widely used in the tire manufacturing industry. Furthermore, the carbon footprint of rCB is 80% lower than vCB’s. Contec has samples of ConBlack at its booth, which fellow exhibitors and visitors can take away.

Contec’s ConWire recovered steel is recovered from high-quality tire steel cord and bead-wire, which has high-tensile strength. The process helps companies achieve circularity within their manufacturing operations. A shredder machine is used to remove more than 98% of the steel during rubber granulate production, resulting in a more consistent and reliable pyrolysis performance.

“Substantial interest in sourcing sustainable feedstocks in the tire industry has arisen in recent years,” explained Contec’s CEO, Krzysztof Wróblewski. “In reality, the demand for these feedstocks in the tire and rubber industries is much larger than the production capacities pyrolysis companies can offer today.

“Rapid expansion in the pyrolysis industry is currently underway due to technological advancements and a solid track record in quality production. To ensure success in the long term, strong collaboration within the greater rubber industry ecosystem will be the catalyst for successful and sustainable business models.”

Wróblewski will give a presentation titled ‘The way to circularity in the tire industry’ at 5pm on Tuesday, March 21 at the Tire Technology Expo Conference.

To learn more about Contec’s technologies, visit Booth C544.

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