Hankook Technology Group opens tire research lab

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Tire maker Hankook and its prototype and manufacturing solutions company, Model Solution, has opened an in-house creative database, the CMF LAB, which will support Hankook in product development.  

The CMF LAB, housed in Model Solution’s headquarters in Seoul, will research and categorize trend developments and possible product applications in color, materials and finish (CMF for short).  

One of the first joint projects between Hankook and Model Solution is the development of a tire prototype that adapts its shape according to the road conditions. The research carried out by Model Solution enables the tire to maintain a perfect balance during the transformation.   

The CMF LAB, in collaboration with British design studio Chris Lefteri Design will be based on four themes – retro, sustainability, feel and the fantastic. This theme package, called CMF Package Box, is designed to convey unique insights and forward-thinking design processes. It will offer designers and companies extensive insights and inspiration for future developments. 

Hankook Technology Group acquired Model Solution in May 2018. The opening of the CMF LAB is part of Model Solution’s growth strategy in product development and mass production. The goal is to provide world-class technology and platform solutions for a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, robotics, medical and healthcare devices and automotive services. 

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