Hankook extends MoU to continue operation of HK-KAIST Digital Innovation Center

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Hankook has extended an agreement with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) to continue operating the HK-KAIST Digital Innovation Center at the Hankook Technodome in Daejeon, Korea.

Hankook first signed an agreement with KAIST in 2019 and established the HK-KAIST Digital Innovation Center to accelerate company R&D and digital technology competence through digital transformation.

In its first couple of years, the center carried out 12 research projects that helped to improve Hankook’s R&D and production capabilities. These included the Virtual Compound Design (VCD) system, which can predict the characteristics of tire compounds using AI and Hankook’s Condition Monitoring System Plus (CMS+), which detects facility anomalies in advance using AI and IoT.

Following the extended agreement, the pair will continue joint studies using data from seven new projects. These include experiments such as the AI reverse engineering of recipes and automated big data model building, development of a machine learning model for predicting compound property based on molecular structure, and technology development for advancing virtual prediction based on AI.

Looking forward, the duo hopes to strengthen its cooperation to secure future growth and technology-based innovation capabilities.

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