Bridgestone develops technology to reduce tire weight by 10%

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Enliten is a new lightweight tire technology developed by Bridgestone. Application of the innovation in new products enables significantly less material to be used than in a conventional tire, without affecting the tire’s durability, and with a lower rolling resistance.

Rolling resistance of a passenger tire can be reduced by, on average, 20% in comparison to a standard premium summer touring tire, and tire weight can be reduced by, on average, 10%, thanks to Enliten.

Bridgestone claims that it has achieved this without any trade-off in tire durability or safety, through this innovative approach to tire design and production.

The technology combines a proprietary compound mix that enables reduced wear and a decreased tread depth, a thinner and better reinforced inner liner, and a new mold design concept.

Paolo Ferrari, CEO and president Bridgestone EMEA, commented, “As we are working toward our long-term environmental vision to manufacture products from raw materials that are fully renewable and sustainable by 2050 and beyond, Enliten is a great step forward.”

Bridgestone will soon announce partnerships that will see Enliten technology applied in products in the European market.

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