Pirelli doubles original equipment supply for electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles

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Pirelli has announced it has doubled the total number of tire approvals for electric and plug-in hybrid cars in 2021.

The manufacturer launched its Elect tire in 2019. Multiple OEMs have selected it and enabled Pirelli to expand its homologation portfolio, which now exceeds 250 homologations on so-called ‘green’ cars. Pirelli believes the results confirm a market transition toward the adoption of electric modes of transport.

Pirelli’s Elect tires benefit from Elect technology, which optimizes the battery life of EVs by delivering an extremely low rolling resistance. The Elect also features a specific EV compound to ensure immediate grip is provided when dealing with the instantaneous torque associated with EVs. Furthermore, a combination of materials, layout, design and correct deformation of the structure enhances vehicle control, and a specially developed tread pattern minimizes noise when driving.

The tire manufacturer estimates that in 2022, its market share in high-end electric vehicles will be 1.5 times that of the premium and prestige internal combustion vehicle segment.

“Technology and sustainability are the pillars on which Pirelli’s research and development work is based,” commented Pierangelo Misani, senior vice president of research and development and cyber at Pirelli. “Thanks to increasingly innovative technology, we support the transition of car manufacturers toward greener vehicles with tires suited to their performance. But sustainability is also found in our own products, which is why we are increasing the percentages of renewable and recyclable materials within the actual tires, in order to promote a circular economy over the product cycle, from raw materials to end of life.”

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