Vipal launches winter treads to meet European demand

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Tire retreading specialist Vipal Rubber has announced four new winter treads for the European market, its VT105, VT115, VL105A and VL170A. The company stated that the release is in response to a growing demand within the European Union for retreaded tires with treads suitable for severe road conditions, such as snow.

According to Vipal, the treads are ideal for fleets that run at extremely low temperatures and experience snow and frozen roads, such as in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. However, it noted they have also been widely used in northern Spain, Andorra, France and Germany. Spanish fleets, for example, which transport to countries outside the Iberian Peninsula, further north in the continent, such as Germany, need to have treads certified with the 3PMSF symbol to run in these regions.

Developed for both free axle and traction vehicles, the VT105 and VT115 offer good traction power and feature self-cleaning blocks, coupled with a tread compound that guarantees good adhesion at extremely low temperatures and excellent mileage performance. Additionally, the VL105A has sipes that provide even greater traction and self-cleaning. The VL170A is intended for use in trailer and semi-trailer free axles.

“These new options for extreme cold conditions are enough to expand our portfolio of winter treads. They are certified with 3PMSF, a marking that has been increasingly required for fleets to run in several European Union countries. These new designs have already achieved excellent results and have shown great performance on the roads of the European continent,” highlighted Fabricio Nedeff, Vipal’s commercial manager in Europe.

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