Trelleborg unveils materials handling tire range

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Trelleborg Wheel Systems has announced the launch of its PS1000 materials handling tire range. According to the company, these next-generation, press-on solid forklift tires incorporate the company’s Pit Stop Line, specialized compounds and a new construction that it says will guarantee uptime, efficiency and safety for operators, while reducing total cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Lorenzo Ciferri, VP of marketing and communications at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, said, “The PS1000 is an exciting first for Trelleborg and the tire industry. We have integrated our Pit Stop Line innovation into a press-on solid tire for maximum performance, comfort and service life. Our studies show that the PS1000 lasts up to 30% more than other tires on the market, which results in a very low cost of ownership per hour.”

The PS1000 boasts two layers of compounds in its internal construction. Trelleborg stated that one compound enhances comfort while also guaranteeing low rolling resistance, and reduced heat build-up for maximum uptime; the second compound ensures long tire life.

The Pit Stop Line consists of a highly visible orange band which appears on the tire, indicating approximately 100 hours of life remaining, giving fleet managers early warning of service needs.

The company noted that the PS1000 comes in both smooth and traction versions. The smooth version offers stability and comfort as well as enhanced service life due to an extra-deep tread and cushioning compound, along with a concave sidewall shape; the traction version offers the same features, but with a higher traction design to optimize performance in wet conditions.

Both the smooth and traction versions can be produced in different compounds – multipurpose, non-marking, electrically conductive, ProHD or Protex . Trelleborg stated that the tires will be available shortly, starting with the smooth version in September 2020, followed by the traction version in the first quarter of 2021.

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