Škoda selects Falken EcoRun tires for OE fitment on Superb model

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Škoda has chosen Falken’s EcoRun tires as OE for its Superb model. Škoda will factory-fit the vehicle with Falken Ziex ZE 914 EcoRun tires as standard, in both 17in and now in 16in sizes.

Meanwhile, the tire manufacturer’s Azenis FK510 model will be made available as an SUV tire from 2017.

The tire’s new innovative casing design is said to ensure precise handling behavior, especially in cases of sudden load shifts while driving. The more circular casing profile increases the flexibility of the sidewall, which results in a high degree of driving comfort and more balanced overall driving characteristics.

The tire’s tread has blade sipes, which reduce instances of aquaplaning. Several small incisions in the tread bar optimize the contact area of the tire when steering and provide more efficient penetration of standing water on the road.

Thanks to the 4D Nano Design Technology, Falken engineers were able to develop an innovative rubber compound for the FK510, which provides improved wear life in addition to enhanced grip.

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